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About our Services

Millard Consultants have a wealth of experience across disciplines and business practices

Millard Consultants offers a dedicated, expert, full-time service. We provide much more than an administrative service, proactively managing your property portfolio to best advantage, whilst professionally overseeing your governance and grant giving.

Benefits for the charities we work with include the following:


As a self-contained business, we alleviate the need for charities to spend valuable resources on employment contracts, human resource matters and manage employees on a day-to-day basis.


We are well connected, allowing us to increase impact, identify opportunities and seek out collaboration opportunities. We are panel consultants on the Almshouse Association website and have strong working relationships with charity specialist professionals. We are uniquely positioned to offer a Chief Operating Officer role (also termed clerk or correspondent) for charities on a part-time basis.


With over twenty years’ experience in estate management, your estate, is in safe hands, managed proactively and efficiently with a sound landlord and tenant relationship – we are qualified (with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), experienced and insured.


Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and tackling projects head on increases your charities robustness and ability to do good in the community.

“Our service reflects an array of experience and expertise over and above an administrative role, which has taken time, investment, and significant effort to accrue. On this basis, we can effectively and proactively increase impact for beneficiaries, enhance the trustee experience, reduce liability and risk and, ultimately, bolster a charities effectiveness.”